Threads that Bind

Threads that Bind

In a world where the children of the gods inherit their powers, a descendant of the Greek Fates must solve a series of impossible murders to save her sisters, her soulmate, and her city.

Descendants of the Fates are always born in threes: one to weave, one to draw, and one to cut the threads that connect people to the things they love and to life itself. The Ora sisters are no exception. Io, the youngest, uses her Fate-born abilities as a private investigator in the half-sunken city of Alante. But her latest job leads her to a horrific discovery: somebody is abducting women, maiming their life-threads, and setting the resulting wraiths loose in the city to kill. To find the culprit, she must work alongside Edei Rhuna, the right hand of the infamous Mob Queen—and the boy with whom she shares a rare fate-thread linking them as soul mates before they’ve even met. The investigation turns personal when Io’s estranged oldest sister shows up on the arm of her best suspect. Amid unveiled secrets from her past and her growing feelings for Edei, Io must follow clues through the city’s darkest corners and unearth a conspiracy that involves some of the city’s most powerful players before destruction comes to her own doorstep.

Coming out May 30th 2023 from Razorbill US and Penguin Random House UK.

Content Warnings for Threads That Bind: Emotional abuse, panic attacks, assault, as well as non-graphic murder, animal death, blood, violence, classism.

Praise for "Threads that Bind"

“Dripping with atmosphere and edged with danger, THREADS THAT BIND weaves together a gorgeous dark tapestry of mystery, fated romance, and modern myth. You won't be able to put this one down.”
— Alexandra Bracken
New York Times Bestselling author of Lore
“Riveting and electrifying! In a world where the descendants of the Greek Gods inherit enthralling supernatural powers, Kika Hatzopoulou weaves a gripping mystery full of secrets, murder, and betrayal. I was utterly ensnared to the last page.”
— Leslie Vedder
Αuthor of The Bone Spindle series 
“Kika Hatzopoulou's irresistible debut draws you in with a golden thread. Seamlessly weaving together magic, mythology and mystery, Threads that Bind launches readers into a stunningly imagined world that will stay with you long after you've turned the final page.”
— Claire M. Andrews
Αuthor of the Daughter of Sparta trilogy
“A flooded city full of magic and secrets, fallen gods, a thrilling mystery, and a heartfelt examination of the complex bonds of sisterhood. In Threads That Bind, Kika Hatzopoulu combines Greek mythology and gritty noir to create a world that is wholly unique, and a story that will hold you enthralled. One of the most original and enjoyable debuts I’ve read.”
— Lyndall Clipstone
Αuthor of the World at the Lake’s Edge duology and Unholy Terrors
“Utterly riveting from start to finish! Hatzopoulou expertly weaves familiar threads of murder, fated lovers, feuding sisters, and ancient myths into a fresh, modern tapestry, one that gleams as bright as the threads of fate Io uses to navigate the sunken city of Alante. Through Io’s quest for justice, she spins a tale of love both tender and thorny, humanity and who gets denied it, and offers a warning on how our increasingly volatile climate will only exacerbate current disparities. A story and heroine I won’t soon forget.”
— Amanda Joy
Αuthor of the A River of Royal Blood duology
“THREADS THAT BIND is a thrilling magical twist on the murder mystery, where every connection is literal, every lead traceable, and the bonds that tie the characters together are tangled, knotted, and inescapable. From rooftop bridges and flooded city streets to rundown apartments and glitzy gang clubs, Alante is a city where survival is paramount and nothing is simple. This is exactly the kind of story I've been craving”
— Nicki Pau Preto
Αuthor of the Crown of Feathers series and Bonesmith

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